Some receivers with an architecture similar to BBRF103 appeared in the web during this look down time.
I tried to contact the authors not for copyright issues, being BBRF103 completely open source but to exchange some experiences. A contacted person wrote me that the project is new and fully original, but I think I reached the re-seller and not the designer.
So I signal my interest in talking with the real authors of the devices.
I list the devices with links to images that are in these weeks at the following links. 

If someone has a review or any other info please send it to me.

Thanks, everyone,  ik1xpv AT gmail DOT com

Update 15 August, 2020

- If you want to give a try to BBRF103 software with these receivers, here the compiled ExtIO_sddc.dll : v.0.96 (HF only) and v.0.98 (HF and VHF).

The Dragonfly RX-666 SDR © Bjarne Mjelde,


Update 19 August, 2020

- The RX888 SDR – Up Close Photos at

- The RX-888 Team sent me the link to they RX-888 software at











 RX-666 ?












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