The Signal Hound BB60C Real-Time Spectrum Analyser and RF Recorder is a 9 kHz to 6 GHz Spectrum Analyser and RF Recorder with an instantaneous bandwidth up to 27 MHz. 


It is a state of the art device. Signal Hound (SH) provides documentation and software applications. Googling around you can see some inner pictures 


and review TSP #52 - Review & Experiments with Signal Hound BB60C ...

A friend of mine phoned me its appreciation for the performance of the unit and the possibility to use it as high performance receiver. Other than the powerful Spike application Signal Hound provides the ExtIO_BB60.dll for use with HDSDR.

This ExtIO_BB60.dll runs with the I/Q sampling fixed to 5Msps allowing a real time bandwidth of 8 MHz.

I decided to dig into the BB60c API manual and ExtIO_BB60.dll source code looking for higher sampling rate. A real time signal demodulation in a wider I/Q bandwidth.
My ExtIO_BB60c.dll version runs up to 40Msps sampling rate and shows 27 MHz bandwidth.  I named it ExtIO_BB60c.dll. It allows the selection of sampling rate, up to 40Msps.


Input sampling rate selection under Bandwidth button


HDSDR + ExtIO_BB60c running in real time at 40Msps.

HDSDR (version 275 or 270) can record the RF spectrum as a filename.wav.
The recording at 10Msps is fine. Nevertheless at 20Msps or 40Msps the recording shows some discontinuities every second.
Hereafter a 10Msps playback loop video example. 


 10Msps video playback loop. See HD video link or press YouTube.


I plan to make some better programming in the future if I will have the possibility to use a BB60c locally in my radio shack.



Source code of ExtIO_BB60c.dll at

A compiled win32 ExtIO_BB60c.dll is at

The extio_bb60c.dll v0.8 MD5 is:

SHA-1 is
61c230eaa17013063514206c41c0bba930954e36 .

The required bb_api.dll may be downloaded from Signal Hound at: (see API License)

While HDSDR site is (see License)